Life in Lockdown – Motherhood


What a week so far!

Yesterday saw two very important occasions, both worth celebrating 🍾

1. International Women’s Day, which is a global holiday to celebrate the achievements of women. My social media was covered in posts of appreciation, celebration and respect to all of us who are achieving great things. I have been extremely fortunate in my career so far but it’s not all about fame and fortune. Life is about shooting for the moon and even if you miss, you will land amongst the stars ⭐️

I personally celebrated by going for a run with a girlfriend of mine, who happens to be a local business owner. The run counted towards my ‘March Accumulator’ challenge to pay homage to female runners. We have played a huge part in running history; setting landmark records, achieving phenomenal fundraising success, and accomplishing personal running goals.

2 Schools reopened, after 12 weeks of lockdown. Now this really was something to celebrate! I no longer have to play the role of teacher, care taker or dinner lady!!! Gosh the last few weeks of home schooling have been tough, as well as working 30 hours a week and managing 2 successful teams.

I talk on this weeks podcast openly about the constant ‘mum guilt’ that I felt during lockdown 3.0 whilst homeschooling and holding down my job. Nobody was getting my full attention, I was doing everything at half measures. It seemed as soon as I got onto a Microsoft Teams call, the children would charge through my office door with a critical issue which needed resolving there and then! I am sure all of the working mums out there can relate?!

Listen here:

With all of these issues and challenges in mind, I am certain that The Duchess of Sussex has hit the nail on the head by saying ‘The best title I will ever have is Mum.’

It really is the worst paid job in the world, with no training given, no annual leave but the rewards are endless 💞

I just want to sign off this week by wishing my wonderful mum a very Happy Mother’s Day. The reason I am a strong women is because I was raised by one!!!

Have a good week.

Soph x