Coffee, Communication and Connections

It is my favourite time of the week! The house is quiet, all housework is up to date, which means I can finally relax, sit down and write.

Each week (or month) I cover a new topic. This week I am writing about communication and how it is fundamental to all aspects of life, whether at work or at home. 

During my last blog, I wrote about the enjoyment blogging brings and the conversation it sparks. I would like to continue on with this thought…

We were away last weekend with some life-long friends staying in Cleethorpes. One of my closest friends, Becky, asked me how the Life in Colour blog was going? It always amazes me how many people take time to read my blog and follow up with me afterwards. It facilitates valuable discussion and adds a sense of realism to life which can be portrayed  as otherwise on social media. Primarily, my blog was born to provide readers with unique thoughts and insights, but as I am becoming to learn, it is much more than this. 

Talking of valuable discussions, I met a very inspirational person earlier this year through an evening reception I attended for work. He is an International Director, non-executive director and strategist with over 25 years of experience in the business and management arena. He is also an influential blogger (on a completely different level to me) and has written several books. I am very lucky to have a signed copy of his book titled, Meaningful Conversations 🙂

One message which did come to light in this book was the importance of personal connections. My Life in Colour Blog has certainly brought this to the fore front of my mind and I truly believe that it has enabled rich communication and furthermore special connections. People in this category include friends, family, colleagues at work, business associates and strangers. The blog gives a starting point for a discussion. 

I guess my message here is to take time and physically connect with people, face-to-face if possible. I will always go out of my way to deliver flowers to a friend, have a meeting in a coffee shop with a colleague, catch up with family over Sunday lunch and personally respond to members of the public on my blog related topics. Communication can help improve happiness by providing a connection between 2 or more people. It helps build relationships, both in business and in personal life.

According to Geoff Hudson-Searle, research has proven that happy people usually:-

  • Are smarter and more creative
  • Are more likely to be in a stable and happy marriage
  • Make more money
  • Are healthier and live longer
  • Are more generous

Surely we all want these qualities in life?! Therefore my advice is to take time to see your friends for coffee, meet with colleagues (off-site where possible) and make connections. In my opinion, it promotes positivity and you will come away feeling happy. 

Furthermore, colour can often be used to communicate how we feel. This fits nicely with the branding of my blog and is probably a topic for discussion at another time. 

The chosen colour this week was the colour coffee! 

Have a good week,

Soph x




6 thoughts on “Coffee, Communication and Connections

  1. Very good. Nothing beats face to face communication inside and outside of the working environment. The world would be a better place if we just put down our phones and stepped away from our lap tops ! RJ

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