Green – the official colour of Ireland


Last weekend I was lucky enough to be flown to Dublin – as part of my Christmas present from Mark. This was something completely out of my comfort zone as I have never left the children for more than 1 night – let alone got on a plane and flown over 400 miles! 

I had very mixed feelings. I was excited to be going away and having fun but terrified about leaving my babies. I knew they were in safe hands and the ‘sitters’ were fully up to speed with the routine. As far as I was aware, I had done everything I could to reduce the separation anxiety. 

Once I had peeled my eldest off me, we made our way to the airport. It felt very strange. We could listen to normal stuff on the radio, no ‘baby shark’ renditions or ‘who let the dogs out!’ We even stopped and went through the McDonalds Drive Thru – just because we could! Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to accomplish something big that we fail to notice the little things that give life its magic!

The whole weekend went like clock work. We were in the Guinness Storehouse within a couple of hours of landing in Dublin Airport. Neither of us particularly like Guinness, but as its Irelands most popular tourist attraction, we needed to experience it. The highlight was the rooftop Gravity Bar, which gave the most stunning views over Dublin. 


We also spent some time shopping, enjoyed lots of coffee breaks, jumped on and off the sight seeing bus and had an amazing meal at the Hard Rock Café in Temple Bar. Furthermore, we managed a token 5k run along the river Liffey and had some relaxation time in the local spa. It was super busy but I believe that you must take every opportunity which comes your way and make your life a story worth telling! 


Overall, we had a very action packed 48 hours away. The trip was tainted slightly by a long flight delay coming home, but I am determined not to let this by our last memory of Dublin! The biggest positives were a full (9 hours) uninterrupted sleep, eating a meal without getting up 100 times for various reasons, drinking a hot cup of coffee with nobody climbing all over me and being able to dry my hair and put my make up on without an audience! Like I said, its the small things in life which make the biggest difference! 

lift selfie

I am not usually one to display public signs of affection but a massive shout out to the special people who took amazing care of our children to enable this trip to go ahead. 

Love Soph x



2 thoughts on “Green – the official colour of Ireland

  1. The importance of having wonderful family around to allow us to enjoy some quality time together ! We had a fantastic weekend but always nice to get back to our little people that are not so little anymore! #timeflieswhenyouarehavingfun

    Thanks Mrs S for a lovely weekend…. and loved the blog!


  2. Absolutely, spot on Sophie. It’s an odd dichotomy isn’t it: couldn’t imagine being without the kids, love them to bits but on the other hand, a little time away is so refreshing. Especially when you can spend it together as a couple.
    I’m glad you had a good time away, I did have to giggle when you said that the weekend went like clockwork and then the next line was about going to the Guiness brewery. I imagined it not going like clockwork at all but then you mentioned that you don’t like guiness so I suppose decorum was maintained (at least for that part of the trip anyway!)
    The little things really do make a difference and it’s good to be reminded of it too, thanks Sophie.


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