Yellow Vibes

Hey you colourful lot,

I wrote a blog at the back-end of last year about running.  I think I called it crimson?! This was mainly due to the colour of my face at the end of a little 5k jog round the block! At that point in my life I recall writing about how I had no ambition to race or run any kind of distance. 

Since the start of 2019, I seem to have stepped up a gear. This wasn’t intentional, it was the natural need to increase time and speed.

I have been regularly doing the Eaton Park Run on a Saturday morning, mainly for fun, but it does get a bit competitive! Interestingly, my personal record was on a week when I had the hangover from hell! Upon discussing this with some of my running colt, they claim it’s because alcohol contains carbs! I am not sure Usain Bolt uses this approach but it works for me! 

One thing I have learnt in life is that you have to push yourself because nobody is going to do it for you! So, with this in mind, I have entered myself into the Norwich 10k race in July. I will be there, along with 7,500 others, racing past some of Norwich’s most iconic landmarks. 

Naturally, as a fairly new runner, I was feeling a little anxious about whether I could actually achieve this having never ran 10k in my life before. I like to push myself in the 5k park run so much that when I get to the finish line, the thought of doing double was giving me heart palpitations!

In order to address this,  I decided to take it slow and run as far as I could. The conditions were absolutely perfect one day last week. The sky was blue and I could feel the spring sunshine on my back as I did a loop around our local town. I did it! 10.5k in 1 hour 7 mins. I feel so much better after having done it because psychologically I know I can do it! The target I have set myself now is to complete the Norwich 10k in under 1 hour. 

There are soooo many benefits of running. One of the biggest for me is that it’s an accessible form of exercise. I am a busy working mum and time is precious. You also feel more in control of our life, a lot stronger and it can lift spirits. I chose the colour yellow for this week’s blog because it portrays brightness, light and optimism. These are all words I would associate with my spring running goals. 

My advice is to stay motivated and set yourself a target. It always seems impossible until its done! 

Enjoy the Half Term Hols.

Soph x

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