Green Business

Hey followers,

After a quick Google search on what the ‘colour’ for mental health is, the results came flooding in as green! The colour green promotes health and wellness, something which is vital to this weeks story.

I have something very special to share with you…

I met with a colleague from work over a lunchbreak last week. This incredibly strong woman is called Camden and has battled an eating disorder to the point where she is living proof that we can achieve anything life throws at us. 

Camden has shown me nothing but support since I launched Life in Colour back in September. I am honoured that she wanted to share her experience and open a dialogue with me and my followers.

Have a listen here:

The key message from this podcast are no emotions are wrong. It becomes difficult when we arrive at our workplace to switch off and pretend that we are OK. We discuss how it would be a good idea to have Mental Health First Aiders in all workplaces. The reason for this is that we feel it is important to address any issue as early as possible. There is lots of work to be done to break the stigma and we hope that this weeks blog will help to raise the profile.

Camden talks about her life long battle with anorexia and how, at certain times of the day, she can feel quite anxious. It would be great if we had people in business who we could all talk to when we feel low.

People are complex and are battling things you have no idea about. As a Manager myself, this is certainly a challenge I face. I conclude by saying I don’t have all the answers but equally I would like to think I am an approachable kinda person who will always listen and support any of my co-workers #itsoknotobeok

Mental Health is probably the topic which people contact me about the most on my blog. I didn’t intend for the subject to feature so highly but it always gets lots of traction. I love hearing from anyone who has any feedback and I know Camden would do too. Please send us your comments via the blog.

Soph x




6 thoughts on “Green Business

  1. Absolutely incredible Soph and Camden 🙌🏻 You have my full support on this subject and with the idea of Mental Health First Aiders at work. Camden what a brave and honest account, well done you 💚 xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Hol! I know this subject is very close to your heart, especially today on 31st Jan. Hoping to turn your negative experience into something more positive. Friends 4eva 😘


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