Pretty Primrose



Welcome to this weeks Life in Colour blog, which happens to include another little gardening feature. This weekend I managed to bag myself a couple of hours of child-free time (thanks to Mark) and spend some time in the great outdoors.

I felt like I needed to inject some colour into the garden, in the hope that Spring will soon be here. There were certainly signs of evidence as I pottered around the garden, including green daffodil shoots in every boarder!

I purchased some yellow primroses and yellow pansies from the local garden centre. I am not sure why the colour yellow, but I guess its because I associate it with spring. It is also the colour of happiness, hope and sunshine – the perfect choice for this weeks life in colour blog!

primrose 5

A couple of hours in the garden can totally change the way you feel. I have written previously on the blog about the benefit of being out in the fresh air, both mentally and physically. It is very therapeutic and can lift any feeling of isolation. My new plants on the front doorstep also make me smile each time I walk past them and into the house. Do you think they look pretty?

primrose 2

One other thing I should mention on this weeks blog is my new herb garden! It is just about up and running ready for the ‘odd’ gin night with the girls. Gin and herbs work amazingly well together, possibly because plants and botanicals are at the centre of how gin derives its flavour? Mark made it for me from an un-used crate. I love a little upcycle project! I took inspiration from my best friend who also has something similar.

primrose 4

I will keep you all updated on anything which grows in this little gem. You will also be the first to know when I have enough greenery to host a gin cocktail evening!

Wishing you all a good week ahead. Make sure you keep warm in these freezing temperatures. I am recording a podcast this week with a friend from work on mental health so ensure you check back to listen to that as it goes live.

Soph x

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