Mental Health

Last week ended on a sad note for me. We lost our family pet, Barti the Golden Retriever. He died very suddenly after a short illness at the age of 9. I am not a massive pet fan and he was primarily Mum and Dads dog. However, he came to stay with us for high days and holidays and furthermore, Flo and Ted thought the world of him. Pets become part of the family and I was very attached. 


I felt it was important to mention this because it fits in very nicely with this weeks blog on mental health. The one thing that has helped me, in the start of my grievance process, is to talk about him to basically anyone who will listen! Talking is therapy, just like writing. In turn, it is the art of putting negative energy into something more positive. 

This weeks blog features another podcast recorded between myself and close friend, Hollie. We talk about both the mild cases and extreme cases of mental health. It is important to note that we don’t claim to have all the answers when it comes to dealing with this subject but we are able to give subtle hints on things that could help. 

me and hol

People are very complex, including friends and family. It is important to sense a change of personality or behaviour in those who you are close to. In the simplest form, this could be providing a listening ear. Certainly since I became a manager at work, I learnt that I have to have a huge amount of empathy when it comes to dealing with people. I believe my personality naturally carries this trait but still you have no idea what people are dealing with behind closed doors.

It requires some skill to engage with people on a level in which they feel comfortable. My way is to put the kettle on and try to encourage people to talk. I know this certainly helps me in difficult situations. Times have changed and actually, as a society we are better informed on mental health. A simple tea and talk session with those closest to you could just be enough to portray the message of it is ok, not to be ok. 

To summarise this weeks blog and podcast, please encourage those around you to take comfort from an activity they feel will calm their inner self. This might include a friendly chat and coffee, an energetic run, some time for yourself, a new haircut, time to put on your make-up or a relaxing massage. In turn, your chosen activity will release happy endorphins and make you feel like you can face the world again. Try it and let me know how you feel afterwards 🙂 

My next blog will feature a make-up tutorial, just in time for the festive season. 

Soph x


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