A Colourful Friendship

A big shout out to those who have been patiently waiting for my blog. I obviously set quite a precedence when I launched this back in September. Throughout the last few days I have had numerous people contacting me asking for the latest instalment, including my very special Godmother who was convinced she was having technical problems because she couldn’t find it!!!In essence, it has been a couple of weeks since I posted and there has been a pretty good reason why!

Part of the reason for launching my blog was to teach myself new skills, which in turn, should hopefully contribute to my personal growth. So this week I set myself the challenge of recording a piece of audio to upload onto the blog in an attempt to build a better relationship with you the audience, making my thoughts more engaging and personal. A special Thank You to the person who has forgiven my blondness on more than one occasion and helped me to get this live. Recording this episode was completely out of my comfort zone, which is the whole point I guess!

This week’s piece contains a podcast, which is a digital audio file, typically available as a series. I wanted to try to create a series of podcasts about topics important to me and hopefully meaningful to you guys too. I have drafted in one of my best friends so that we can both share thoughts and ideas. Some of you who went to school with us will remember her as Hollie Slaytor. The first episode is called A Colourful Friendship.It’s ironic because as I write this, one of my favourite songs is playing in the background and it is called ‘Circles’ by a band called Passenger. If you get chance you should listen to it online. Singer, Michael David Rosenberg, wrote it about a friend he had grown up with. They lost touch at the age of 16 or 17 and have since re-kindled a special bond.

This is a very similar story to me and Hol. Our friendship growing up was fulfilling and comedic. We lost touch through College but have come together again through motherhood. I recall Hol comparing it to that of the recent Spice Girls reunion! We have picked up where we left off and still have lots in common. Friendships are the key to happiness, in my opinion. It is imperative to have fun, recall stories and talk about how you really feel.

Have a listen here:-

N.B It is not perfect by any stretch but hoping to improve my editing skills with practice!

In future episodes, we will chat about how friendship links into having a healthy state of mind. The topic of mental health is extremely important to Hol and we will hear about her experiences and how I can relate to some of what she talks about, particularly when it comes to anxiety. In sum, we are just having a friendly tea and talk sesh but deeper than that it is critical to have friends who will support and encourage you in life.

Please feel free to post your thoughts and comments on my blog. If you have one take-away from this it is to get back in touch with an old friend and make their day! x

4 thoughts on “A Colourful Friendship

  1. Lovely job. There were several times I found myself nodding in agreement. Maybe there won’t be many men listening but I’m happy to be in the minority that do.
    BTW, if you need any help recording the next album with your Girlband, I’m happy to help 😉


  2. Absolutely amazing! I’m so proud to be a part of your podcast and I don’t think there could have been a better way to bring our friendship closer again and to be so honest with one another. Love you Soph xxx


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