Golden Sands

The weather has been super during this October Half Term. I would almost go as far as describing it as an Indian summer; a period of unseasonably warm, dry weather ☀️


We spent the week along the Lincolnshire Coast, nestled on a Sandy Shore. The children enjoyed donkey rides on the beach and even a paddle in the sea!


The reason we chose Lincolnshire was because we are forever trying to find a mid-way point between us in Norfolk and  lifelong friends in Lancashire. The journey typically is around 5-6 hours if we travel all the way – which is quite frankly an endurance test with 2 children in the car, especially if we encounter delays! It can be super stressful!


I took this photo of the sunrise, when out on an early morning run. I only managed to get out once – just a token gesture really so that I could enjoy a glass of wine, or two, without feeling too guilty!!!


We set up camp for 5 days in a seaside town called Mablethorpe. I probably only see Kerry once a year for high days and holidays. They say true friends are never apart, maybe in distance and never in heart!

We go back many years; playgroup, primary school and brownies. I moved away at the age of 10 but we continued to spend summer holidays together. Our parents would meet near Newark, Nottinghamshire to do the hand-over.


This weekend the clocks have gone back and we have seen the last of the summer sun. The children have returned to school and the plans for the Christmas festivities are well and truly underway.  

Time to put the kettle on and enjoy a cup of coffee in the peace and quiet, whilst embracing the week ahead.

Happy Halloween to you all! x

5 thoughts on “Golden Sands

  1. Lovely writing Sophie and fabulous pictures too. I particularly like the sunrise. We too have friends in far flung places so I sympathise with the longh hauls with small people in the back. We’ve had some “interesting” journeys across the UK with the kids but it’s always worth it, especially when there are loved ones at the other end.
    I’m glad you had a good half term.
    Now, I’m off for my sausage casserole and dumplings in front of the open fire, BBRRRRRR!!!!


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