Half term is in full swing so I can’t promise this week’s blog to be too long as Flo & Ted are keeping me busy with Halloween costumes! They have also carved their pumpkins ready for 31st October! 

I thought I would continue the theme from last weeks blog – which was exercise. I had some amazing feedback from friends who told me it was ‘beautifully written‘ and how they were ‘glad I had found my love for the pavement and the therapy it can bring.’ 

Coupled with running, I also like to keep fit by attending a Zumba class once a week. I have taken part in various Zumba classes over the years but there was something special about the class I walked into 12 months ago. I went with a friend to a class only 10 minutes from home and I was instantly made to feel welcome. For those of you who don’t know what Zumba is, its an aerobic fitness class featuring movements inspired by various styles of Latin American dance. 

This particular class is run by a very special lady called Rachel Evans. It is basically one big party, where we all wear extremely bright neon colours and dance for an hour! Team Rachel is like one big family and Wednesday evenings are often the highlight of my week! No matter how tired I am from 2 days commuting to Ely and back, I always look forward to my workout. 


Rachel (and Lucy) run the show together and work hard to organise events outside of our exercise class. Over the last 12 months I have attended 3 masterclasses run by 3 different International presenters. I love it! We really do have such a laugh and it really is a super way of burning calories, making new friends and finding new confidence. 


Thank you Rachel – our class really is much more than learning a dance routine! I think you and Lucy are both beautiful people inside and out x


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