The Colour Crimson

Wow – my blog, Life in Colour, has been live for a month and you are all still reading it! Thank you so much for all of your support and to all the people following me!

This week I have been asked, by a friend at work, to write about my exercise journey and running in particular. It is ironic really because the two things I hated the most at school were reading and cross-country. Now I am working in the publishing industry and running is the highlight of my week! Crazy how life changes!

My journey started roughly around a year ago, which coincided with a promotion at work. I found myself running once or twice a week; not to get fit or lose weight but to reduce stress. It is true that if you are feeling anxious, stressed, tense and/or having trouble sleeping then running ticks all the boxes. In my opinion, the mind and body are not separate; what affects one affects the other.

I track my fitness via a mobile app called Strava. It’s an online social network for like-minded cyclists and runners. I don’t have any big ambitions with running, I merely just like getting out for half an hour to clear my head and listen to some music. My stats are currently telling me that this year, I have run for an average of 57 minutes a week. I average 5 miles and I have done 56 runs so far. In 2018, I have run 181 miles!


I started off just doing 1 mile at a time, my race, my pace. I have built it slowly from there and am happy just doing a few miles a week. At the end of the day, running is cheaper than therapy and this is the main reason I pound the tarmac! It alleviates all the stress of work and triggers a positive high.

Strangely enough, I enjoy my own company so up until about a month ago I would go out running alone. In recent weeks I have started running with some of my best friends and it is a totally different experience. We never plan a route, we just meet up at 9am on a Friday morning and run for around half an hour. We have a good old catch up on the week’s events. Popular topics usually include work, children, insecurities, school dilemmas and more (but that’s a whole new blog!) What is discussed on the weekly run, stays on the run, right ladies?! Our cheeks are the colour crimson by the end. As Audrey Hepburn once said, ‘there is a shade of red for every woman.’


I bet you can’t guess which trainers are mine?!

My best advice for anyone starting to run is to make it a habit. It is also a great idea to keep a log of your distance and time. Running is also extremely popular and I am always amazed at how it connects people. Connecting with people is a basic human need. Focussing on common goals is a good way to start conversations and build relationships. There are literally so many benefits, as well as putting the colour back into your cheeks.

Next week is the October half term holiday and I am looking forward to a week off work with the Flo & Ted Show. There will be plenty of new content for the blog, I am sure 😉



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