Welcome to my blog

My name is Sophie and I am a Mummy to two beautiful children, Florence (age 6) and Edward (age 4). I live in Norfolk and work 3 days a week managing a publishing company. Outside of being a Mum, a boss and a wife to Mark, I like to keep fit by running and attending a Zumba class. Socially I meet with my local friends, where occasionally we converse over a bottle of Prosecco on a Friday morning!!!

Flo and Ted

Starting my own blog has been something I have been thinking about for a while. There have been a multitude of reasons why now is the perfect time: –

My youngest has just started full time school and I suddenly have some free time. This has affected me emotionally far more than I ever thought it would. As many of my friends and family know, Eddie is very much a ‘Mummy’s boy’ and has been glued to my side for the past 4 years 24/7. Suddenly he isn’t there and I almost feel like I am grieving a loss. Walking home from School after drop-off on my own for the first time was very strange. I know he will be having a great time, making new friends and embarking on his early years education but seriously, the house is so quiet I could hear a pin drop.

The second reason is that I just wanted to do something positive for myself. As all working mums know, there is literally not 5 minutes in the day where you can stop to think. It feels like you are on a treadmill and there is no stop button. Going to work often feels like a break because at least you can enjoy a hot cup tea and go to the loo on your own!

The third reason is that I wanted a way to communicate my thoughts, feelings and experiences. A friend once told me it would ‘fix me.’ It is true that most of us suffer with a degree of anxiety which is merely provoked by simple everyday situations. I feel that writing improves my mood and is certainly a useful therapy to explore.

You may be curious about the name of my newly launched blog,’ Life in Colour?’ Well I wanted to choose something that reflects me and my personality. I am renowned for wearing bright colours, particularly in the office! My home is also decorated in bright colours.

I also wanted to choose something which reflects what my blog is about. In sum, it will cover a whole host of things from interior design ideas, diet, exercise, experiences of being a mum, how I deal with anxiety and mental health, my relationships with friends and family and how I choose to relax from the busy life that I lead. I can also take special requests if you have a topic in which you would like me to narrate.

I hope you can all come on this journey with me. The feedback I have had so far on social media has been truly overwhelming.

Please subscribe to my blog and leave comments on anything which you find useful.

Soph x

10 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog

  1. Hi Sophie, Just a brief note, for now, to say that I think this is a cracking idea and looking forward to hearing more about everything (and nothing) :o).
    Take care
    B x


  2. Sayer – Love this! And good for you. I’ve missed your enthusiasm for life and your colourfulness. My life needs a bit of you back in it 🙂 xx


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